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“Chicken Run” by Rona Liu
For more of Rona’s work you can visit her Tumblr.

A piece I did for the Daily Sushi. 
Peanut is at the bottom of the totem pole. It means that she’s the last to eat, dust bathe, and everything else. If she finds a piece of something (edible or not), she will start bolting away from the others and try to swallow it whole as she’s running. Last week she choked on a large grape while doing this. We had to reach down her throat to get it out. 
This painting is dedicated to her. She’s a Brown Leghorn. I hear they’re all kind of neurotic. Mine’s a nervous wreck 100% of the time. 
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Sesame and Peanut. 
They used to be equals and totally inseparable. But Peanut ran away one day and after we found her and brought her back the next day, Sesame has never treated her the same. Now they’re like strangers to each other. I’m totally bummed. 
This painting represents what they used to be like. 
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